How to inspire Gen Z in your team in the remote work?

What are the characteristics of Gen Z employees? How to communicate with them and inspire them?

Gen Z has become an increasingly important part of our team. When many of our team leaders are millennials or even earlier generations, it may be difficult to communicate and work with with Gen Z.

Besides, some of the characteristics of Gen Z employees have been amplified because of the remote work.

So what are the characteristics of Gen Z employees? How should we communicate with Gen Z and inspire their enthusiasm and morale in a remote work environment?

Characteristics of Gen Z employees:

Gen Z employees have the following characteristics

1. They need instant satisfaction

As the Internet boomed, it was easy for them to acquire the knowledge they needed through technology and the Internet.

It’s also easy to find people who share the same views and are as enthusiastic about the same thing as they do anywhere through the Internet.

Therefore, they are used to getting any information they need quickly.

2. They have high motivation and ability to learn

They can according to their own needs, to seek their individual needs of learning resources, and then to learn to master the skills.

They do not rely solely on the knowledge provided by celebrities and famous educational institutions.

Any knowledge they find useful, no matter what the channel is, they are willing to check it and learn it.

That’s why we have so many ordinary people who, despite having no academic qualifications or endorsements by well-known companies, can easily gain a lot of recognition and followers.

3.They are distracted easily

Related to the previous point, but the interaction is that their attention and interests can easily be diverted. Their habit of receiving information is fragmented.

After a quick glance, positioning and getting the information they need, they don’t think it’s necessary to finish reading the tirade. Their attention quickly turns to the next topic of interest.

4. They love competition more

Money, entrepreneurship, success, in this generation’s interests account for a large proportion.

They listened to too many examples of success, even overnight.

There are also more and more ways to make money. So they are used to comparing themselves with those they recognize as successful, drawing useful experiences, imitating, practicing, and longing for more success.

The definition of success can be varied, but once they agree with a way of success, it has a strong appeal in their minds.

5. They place more emphasis on individual brands

Unlike Millennials, Gen Z is more focused on personal branding. They are used to all kinds of self-media appearances, videos, blogs, and so on to get them used to more self-expression.

They work and learn to build up their own personal branding. If what they do is not relevant to their personal branding, they will be less interested.

They want their work content and the way they work to bring personal characteristics.

6. However, they love teamwork

They emphasize personal brands but also love teamwork. However, they need their personal value and sense of belonging to be demonstrated in the process of collaboration.

In addition, since most Gen Z are better at expressing their feelings, teamwork allows them to infect each other and inspire enthusiasm.

7. They are more eager to feel safe

Although Gen Z love to try different opportunities, Gen Z in each country have missed the fastest-growing economy. They are generally under greater pressure to survive.

As a result, they will make a more in-depth and comprehensive assessment of the stability and security of their work.

They are less resistant to starting from the bottom. Even if they start a business, they will learn more about the relevant knowledge before starting their business.

8. They are more eager to meet face-to-face

They grew up accustomed to video communication, rather than emails, phone calls, and so on, as their predecessors did.

They are more confident and dare to present their faces to strangers.

9. Gen Z from different countries share more similar characteristics

The constant openness of online information, the increasing timeliness of communication, and the more frequent sharing of information between people, allow Gen Z from different countries to learn from each other through different ways and channels.

Ways of thinking, culture, values, ways of working, and so on, are what they share and learn.

So, in a remote work environment, if you have many Gen Z in your team, how to inspire them?

I suggest the following ways:

1. Communication with more images and videos

Reduce your habit of using emails. Use more instant messaging tools to communicate your ideas and strategies.

If you’re going to use email, be sure to keep the title prominent and the message’s body short.

Use more bold characters and highlight colors to highlight the meaning and content you want to express.

I would also recommend that you use more video conferencing to present your slides.

However, don’t use too much complex data and text in your presentation. Choose a concise and transparent way.

2. Use short and powerful statements

One of the essential manifestations of leadership is the ability to express self-confidence, in short but powerful statements.

Use more short sentences, less long sentences. Use more verbs. Show results in numbers. Use less flashy words.

Avoid tirades. The logic should be clear.

3. Make quick decisions and communicate them

Gen Z are born in the age of information, with different opinions. It’s easier for them to understand that it’s not easy to make the right decisions for entrepreneurs and leaders.

However, this does not mean that you don’t need to make decisions.

You don’t need to make a complete decision, but you need to show them how you’re thinking and acting.

Pass small decision results to them in a timely and transparent manner.

4. Design more tasks that require cooperation between employees

You can even set up awards such as Best Teamwork, Best Team Innovation, and so on, to further boost overall team morale by building small team morale.

5. Recognize employee’s achievement promptly

Gen Z people often don’t think there’s only one path to career development, and they tend to do other jobs. So if they feel the job is not fulfilling, they can quickly shift their interest.

In this case, you need to recognize their achievements more on time.

You can break down broad mission goals into smaller goals, and then communicate and publicly acknowledge and praise employees’ achievements each time they are met.

6. Enhanced communication with front-line staff

While front-line employees may not have much decision-making power, the mood of front-line employees can easily affect the spirit of the entire team.

In this pandemic, many front-line employees of the business are even at the risk of safety. Therefore, you need to increase the frequency of interactions with front-line employees.

Mention front-line employees in your messages, emails, presentations, and speeches.

7. Use more technology tools and vocabulary

During remote work, your team will use more technology tools, and you will use and understand them more.

At the same time, you can encourage your employees to learn more about this. Then you can encourage them to share what they have learned.

8. Design Surprise Sessions

Encourage Gen Z employees to be creative in designing more team online activities that connect your employees everywhere.

9. Involve them in your business-plan-making process

An outbreak could change the business model of your company’s industry in many ways. The impact of online tools and mobile tools are especially significant.

Listen to Gen Z people and encourage them to create new products, new channels, and new marketing methods.

Gen Z people love to start a business and practice their own ideas. If you don’t make the most of their spirit to help your own business, they may leave you, start a new business, and become your competitor.

Are you a member of Gen Z? Do you have many Gen Z employees in your team? Do you have a lot of experience of communicating with Gen Z? Leave your comments. Thank you.

About Me:

Hi, I am Tracy. I am a Strategist, Consultant, and Serial Entrepreneur. I am focusing on the topics of entrepreneurship, Internet, China Market, and personal development.

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