3 No-Cost Indoor Ideas to Cheer You Up in the Boring Lockdown

After days of cooking myself and reading and watching movies and watching the sunshine, I knew I needed badly fresh ideas to cheer me up in the long lockdown. Below were what I’d tried this week. Check them out!

1. Themed mobile phone photoshoots

The only thing we can do with our mobile phones may be to take photos. But how to make it more fun? Theme photoshoots would be a good idea. I’ve suggested many friends do that this week. 

Why themed photoshoots?

It can make you focused, calmed, and balanced. That’s what we need now.

The theme I picked this week is “blue”. When I was spending time thinking of creative ideas to express the theme, I didn’t have much time to worry about bothering things anymore. 

I enjoyed the different materials, patterns, and textures together with the different brightness, hand, and quality of things.

One of my friends said that he hadn’t noticed that his newborn child this year has so many attractive smiling faces before, as he worked day and night, until this week. He feels so happy about that.

Photos I took this week, themed Blue

What could be the themes?

Almost everything! For example, color, as what I selected, or your family members, as what my friend chose as said above. 

You could make the theme very creative. Some ideas listed in the articles below might inspire you:

21 New Photoshoot Ideas (That Aren’t Boring!)

50 Family Photoshoot Ideas To Try Out This Weekend!

50 Best Photoshoot Themes Worth Stealing

One much easier way is to take photos for your blog posts every day, or pick up one tag you like in WordPress, Youtube, or Instagram, set it as the theme for the next several days, and take a photo or photos each day. 

2. Online Virtual Tours

Every spring, I spend a lot of time traveling, but sadly this year, I can’t. This week, I found online virtual tours were also fun. I hadn’t known that there are a lot of museums and tourist sites available online already. I really love them and plan the tours seriously in my daily plan now!

Maybe you have been quite familiar with Google Arts and Culture, below are some other quite exciting and well-developed websites I just found worth in-depth online tours:

#1: Museo del prado

It is from Spain. It only provides 2-hour free access every day, so an online tour is fabulous. I love the very detailed explanation videos to each masterpiece. They have English subtitles.

#2: Tate Modern

It is in London and very famous. Its website provides excellent detailed interview videos to help you better understand the artists and the stories behind.

#3: The Mercedez-Benz Museum

For those who have boys at home. The museum provides two categories of its exhibitions, Legend and Collection. The Legend one showcases car innovations made by Mercedes-Benz in its long history, while the Collection part provides showrooms in a topical one. 

3. Learn something totally unfamiliar to you

A lockdown is a perfect time to experience new and to challenge yourself to explore more. Here I suggest not only learn something you are interested in, but also something you are unfamiliar with.

If you are an internet guy, learn something from the traditional industry. If you love reading poetry, try some science fiction. 

For me, I am a fan of weaving arts, but this week, I started to appreciate the beauty of leather crafts. I watched a lot of videos about making leather products, and they are so amazing. 

One of my best friends who is a Yoga tutor starts her study in Tai Chi, and let’s expect what her training would be after the pandemic.

Why something unfamiliar? 

Because a sudden slowdown and isolation may make us feel lonely, self-doubtful, and distracted, Learning something strange to you can help inspire your energy, curiosity, and love for the bigger world. 

And one more tip, give yourself a small reward or write down an encouragement in your journal once you learn something from the topic that you dig in. They would shine the memory of the lockdown.

So these ideas are what I tried this week. I hope you enjoy them.

Is there any idea that you want to share with me? Leave your comments.

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