Distance: How far it is between where you are now and your goals

Three simple tips to get your energy back and be more confident when feeling depressed

Everyone gets depressed sometimes. So do I. At the age of 18, I left my impoverished little hometown. I traveled to five big cities in different countries to study or work, exploring and pursuing what I want to do. For each city, I lived for at least 1.5 years. For my friends from childhood and my families, those experiences are far beyond what they can imagine. During the whole journey, most of the time, I got no support, and I had to survive from all these difficulties by myself. I have experienced a lot of failures, injustice, and discrimination. Now here is the COVID – 19, which makes what I planned to do more challenging to accomplish. But I have three tips that have helped me to overcome all the difficulties, and I believe they will help me go through all this again now. I want to share them with you.

TIP 1: Imagine.

Imagine the day when you achieve the goals, and describe it and write it down, or even draw it down. Don’t be shy. For example, many years ago, I wanted to study and live in Washington, DC, so I draw a travel plan of the DC area in my journal… And guess what? I made it. That’s why I always carry my journal along with me.

The flight to DC years ago.

TIP 2: Respect.

Respect those successful and never envy them. I understand how hard it is when you are struggling in all the failures, and you find there seem a lot of people successful already. For example, I started my video blog, as I found it exciting, and it seems not so difficult for me. However, very soon after that, I was worried about the follower numbers. I edited the videos carefully for hours, but sadly they didn’t get me many followers. But why other bloggers seem so successful, and I didn’t get it. You know what, this mood didn’t help at all. And it made me ignore what matters in doing a successful blogger. Remember, every success in every area, no matter how humble the area seems, requires expertise. Don’t be sad when you find that there is a big gap between you and your success. The more difficult it is, the more expertise it requires, and the more people will give up. It has already helped you clear up a lot of competitors, so more persistence will help you stand out.

So never be jealous. Study why those people succeed. It would help you calm down quickly to distinguish those who are the real experts and who you would like to follow.

And sometimes, if necessary, buy some books or take online courses to grasp the knowledge needed more efficiently. That would save you a lot of time and help you be back on the right track very soon.

TIP 3: Start from very small goals.

Start from very small goals. Start from your daily life. For example, finish some distance of running, prepare a rich dinner, or draw a better graph. And say well done to yourself. Write down what you have learned from those little things. For example, in the running, what I have improved from my last run? Maybe better breathing? Everything is consistent. You can apply what you have learned to the other more significant projects. On the other hand, by completing those small goals, you will feel that you can control more and more things. The sense of control is the basis for self-confidence.

And start from very smalls goals help you step into the journey to your final goal. A few years ago, I would like to work in the internet world. I was tired of working in the traditional power industry. But at that time, career transformation from a traditional industry to the internet one was painful. I examined all the positions posted I could found and found that sales operations roles in the internet companies seemed available. I could utilize what I had learned in marketing and sales roles in the traditional company. So I started to attend all the offline forums on internet operations as many as possible to know more about the job requirements. I began to connect with people from the internet companies. I got more and more opportunities, and my eyes were also open. Finally, I got the job in a leading e-commerce company, not in the sales operations role, but as a Strategist. That was what I dreamed of!

So I hope these tips can help you on your journey to your goals. Enjoy it!

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8 thoughts on “Distance: How far it is between where you are now and your goals

  1. Absolutely, these are great suggestions. I really enjoyed reading this and plan on taking some of this goal setting. I am not great at setting goals. I am much better at just taking things step by step. I like the idea of little goals. Thanks!


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