Slow Drawing instead of Making PowerPoint Slides, in the Lockdown

I am a Strategist, leading a team, in an internet company. Can you imagine how crazy my workday is? I almost work from early in the morning to late in the night at 23:00 at least, every day, even at the weekend. I usually manage the biggest strategic projects in the company, working together with the IT guys, the salespeople, and sometimes even finance people. All of us are quite busy. We rush from one meeting room to one meeting room, hoping to get everything done within a very tight deadline. Yes, that is, no, was my life.

Now there is the coronavirus. I suddenly have more time to be at home, though locked in the apartment. I am worried about my job. I am worried about my little own business, some were just started up, and the coronavirus makes them harder to run. Last week, I talked with a guy who was interested in my product for almost four hours to persuade him to pay an extra of $2. The coronavirus makes me more careful about how much I can earn. 

I found that I became more and more nervous. What if my job failed? What if my little own business failed? What if the coronavirus will last forever? I read tons of news talking about the coronavirus. I cram a lot of things every day so that I don’t have time to worry about those things.

NO! I don’t want to be like this!

I hated making PowerPoint slides ( you know the basics for everyone in the strategy role..). I didn’t like to read the data reports. How to solve that?

I turn to my journal for help. Yes, keeping a journal or journaling is my hobby. I keep a record of almost everything that I like and hope to remember in my journal. And I also use color pens to make the entries more lovely. And from last week, instead of making PowerPoint slides directly on my laptop, I draw them in my little journal.

Here are two examples.

The first one is my current plan for this month. I make a chart, showing what I should focus on, learning/working related, my hobbies, my businesses. In the past, I write the plans on my laptop, using PowerPoint or Word, but now, I draw them and even use the color pens. Like a little kid.

When I was drawing the chart, surprisingly, I was calming down. I was listening to the music I love when drawing the chart. It seemed like I was painting something, not making plans, and my ideas just kept coming out. When I finished it, I felt more confident that I can manage them all well!

The second one is the storyline for the report I am working on. Again, I drew it. It seemed like playing a little game with myself. I filled it with yellow and green, the colors I like in the spring. And I forgot about the coronavirus, the businesses, and the difficulties to finish the report. All I can remember is a great moment to relax.

So here is the tip: try drawing your work plan, your slide storyline, or the things you are struggling with within your mind onto the paper. And try using some color pens (which we all liked when we were little kids, remember?) in the black and white drawings. Filling the colors makes the time to slow down. We are all used to the quick drawings on the laptop, but no matter how colorful the slides would be, we are still not clear about what we have done, we still don’t have any confidence, and we even hate the job… Drawing and coloring, like a little kid, can make them much easier for you. 

I know it takes more time sometimes, but it is worth the time.

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